By Barbara Love

I have to think of myself not just as a list company providing names and addresses or providing prospecting or lead generation for my customers,” says Deb Goldstein, co-chair of the Direct Marketing Association’s List Counsel and president of IDG List Services. “It has to be more than that.”

Goldstein sees the same thing happening all over the list industry. “People are offering expanded services that include all available aspects of the database, appending or modeling,” she says. “The list industry is doing more to help customers get better results from their direct response campaigns.”

Appending and modeling have been available for a while now, but from aggregated sources, she explains. Appending and modeling haven’t been available from direct request circulation sources until recently. “That’s the difference,” says Goldstein. “It brings the quality available up another notch where it’s all recipient-given data.

“We’re creating intelligence about a particular lead so a company can approach those individuals with certain characteristics with much more market precision to garner interest in their products instead of casting a wide net.

“We need new ways all the time of using our database assets to improve response for customers. My competitors are doing the same thing.

“It’s a necessity right now to provide more intelligence because response rates are really challenged and the choices of media are really broad and extensive,” she points out. “Money is going to search, online, events and other ways to create brand and leads for your company, so direct response companies like myself have to look at how to best serve the customer in a more total holistic approach to meet their ultimate needs.”

What can publishers do?, CM asked. “Publishers have to always balance;depends on controlled or paid;the amount of information that has to be collected for what is needed to grow circulation from a quantity and quality perspective,” she stressed. “It continues to be an important task to ask for demographics, but limited to the three to five questions that are most important to creating opportunity.”

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