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John Papilia
President & CEO

While 2006 presented some challenges, it was a good year overall for Statlistics, according to John Papalia, president and CEO. And he’s "very optimistic" about 2007. "I’ve never found clients to be as willing as they have been in the last 12 months to work with us to maximize their success, the list user’s success and our success," he says. "We’re blessed to have a very prestigious group of clients;the top magazines and catalogues in the industry."

Statlistics approaches e-marketing, which, Papalia says, is continuing to grow, as a component of multi-channel marketing, "We offer multi-channel strategies to our clients on both the brokerage and the management side," he says. "Everyone is dealing with increased costs, whether for the postal or email campaigns. I’m encouraging our clients to look at e-marketing as an additional channel that they can use effectively and a way to help deal with increased costs;but it’s not a panacea."

Privacy will continue to be a challenge. Papalia believes that the opt-in/opt-out process will be a matter that everyone will have to deal with even more in the year ahead. "A few years ago, filters weren’t an issue," he says. "Now, they are consistently affecting deliverability and response rates. Anything we, as an industry, can do to improve open and click-through rates will benefit both our list owners and our mailer clients."

Statlistics is building relationships and affiliations with quite a few vendors in order to offer services to its clients that will improve deliverability and that will also help them fine tune their e-blasts for a better response.

New lists are always coming on the market, and Papalia sees many lists that are good and many that are less than good. "The challenge is to sort them out," he says. "You really need to analyze the research and work with your clients and vendors to find the good lists and to make sure that the lists you’re using are, in fact, the good ones. Of course, you’ve also got to factor in the costs. We always ask our clients to be open to pricing negotiation and to co-marketing."

A certain amount of flexibility is important, as well, when acquiring new lists, such as looking at new ways to test. "Statlistics is not a mega-company," Papalia explains, "so we work very closely with our clients to evaluate their options, plan their campaigns and analyze their results.

"We feel communication with our clients is extremely important. We don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk, have face-to-face meetings with them, and attend trade shows and conferences to build on our client relationships. We also recommend that our clients go to conferences and attend the sessions in order to share experiences and learn new ideas." Then, of course, the folks at Statlistics urge them to test those new ideas.

"Statlistics has been around for about 12 years. The business hasn’t always been easy," says Papalia, "but I’m so proud to have built such good relationships with our clients and to have helped them grow." E-marketing is simply another strategy that he’s recommending for clients to reach prospects in the way that they want to be reached.

"On the whole, our industry provides clients with good research, good price negotiation, good customer service and good analysis of results," Papalia adds. "Those things will never change."

Statlistic’s clients include Ascend Media, Wicks Business Media, Weider History Group, Hanley Wood, Pennwell Publishing, Investors Business Daily, IEEE, Institutional Investor, Hearst and Lebhar-Friedman.

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