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Is it just me, or do scent strips stink? You know, those perfume or cologne ads that run in Esquire, Vanity Fair, the fashion mags, with a sniffer sample of the scent being sold.

First of all, they all smell alike.

Secondly, when you put four or five of them in the same magazine, the scents merge and the whole publication smells like the men’s bathroom between innings at Fenway Park.

Thirdly, I have never known anyone who made a purchasing decision on the basis of these strips. I think they are a bogus tool for selling ads and stinking up a magazine.

Whenever I sit down to go through a magazine with strips, the first thing I do is tear them out and toss them in the trash. Then I seal the trash bag tightly so that the scents don’t contaminate the room. Whatever you do, don’t run these strips through your shredder—you will have that Fenway smell in the confetti and the blades of your shredder for at least three years. (I think the half-life is a decade.)

Finally, never ever ever rub one of these stinkos on a wrist or behind the ears before heading out on a date. You may think initially that you have saved some big money for the latest trendy scent, but, if the evening heats up, a rash is sure to follow.

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