Every magazine, every business, is one wrong move away from decline and oblivion. Maybe the market changed. Or tastes shifted. Or you got complacent. Staying ahead, staying engaged, staying relevant requires constant vigilance, and the vision and ability to recreate what you’ve created.

All magazines face these dynamics at some point in their lives. The successful ones get stronger. Folio: looked for some recent examples of magazines (and, representative of the increasingly digital nature of publishing, a Web site) that hit a critical juncture and transformed themselves and their businesses. We looked not just for redesigns but repositionings; changes that go beyond look-and-feel to create a lasting difference. We found several titles with not only a new look but a new approach and in some cases, a new audience.

A Simpler Time

Time pulls off a very public redesign.

Redesigning for an Inside Track

InsideCounsel’s redesign better reflects a changed market.

Wire Images

Under new management and reunited with its print counterpart, Wired.com redesigns to deliver a Web site worthy of its tech audience.

Food Technology Brings an Association Magazine into the Light

Design comes to the forefront for the Institute of Food Technologists’ flagship magazine.

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