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Readers Argue Where to Place Ascend Blame

Pro-Bishop, Hennessy camps square off.

Dylan Stableford By Dylan Stableford
12/18/2007 -16:33 PM

"Downfall." "Volatile." "Implosion." It's a story that has, as one industry insider observed, the appeal of "trainwreck." Tony Silber's account of Ascend Media's fall from grace, despite being published last week, is continuing to draw heated comments from a largely anonymous gallery.

Like these:

Submitted by Anonymous:

The founders of Ascend have the worst track record and as we know, history always repeats itself. There was no other possible ending to this story with these guys at the helm.

Submitted by Anonymous:

The demise of Intertec ... did NOT happen under Bishop's watch as commented by someone here. Cam fought hard at Intertec against a naive and greedy attempt by a board with no publishing experience to transform Intertec into a "dot-com" company, was ousted because of his resistance to what everyone at the company knew was a crazy and stupid plan, and was ultimately proven correct when the dot-com crash killed Intertec.


Dylan Stableford By Dylan Stableford --

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