I’m not sure if it’s because more of my time these days is spent meeting with media management, investigating possible acquisition opportunities, or simply doing more research. But it seems that there is a growing debate in our industry.

I’d call it the print is dead vs. “I’m not dead yet” (Monty Python reference) crowd.

The print is dead group (Steve Ballmer, who famously said that in 10 years all media will be digital, serves as the group’s unofficial chairman) has strong revenue growth on its side, demographic shifts, and focused metrics to prove its argument. “I’m not dead yet,” knows that magazines/books/newspapers still are the preferred media for the human eye, the airplane, and also for “brand building.”

For the Web to continue its growth, it will need to add the element of “surprise and delight” to its success as a search tool, research tool, news tool and social aggregation.

For print to reverse recent trends, there has to be more focus on core strengths such as community (yes, print offers a clear community of interest), graphics and ease of use, and the ability to tell us what we didn’t know we needed to know.

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