Late last year, Sacramento, California-based Prosper Publications hired new editor-in-chief Jeffrey Young to lead the editorial direction at Prosper Magazine. To coincide with Young’s new vision, the Prosper team wanted to undertake the magazine’s first redesign, and give its pages a new, cleaner look.

In March, the group hired art director Stephanie Butts, and began working with local designers FUEL Creative Group. “We concentrated on setting a foundation that could be elaborated as it evolved, all the while reflecting the new direction of the magazine and the company,” says Butts.

No Element Left Untouched
With help from the designers at FUEL, the Prosper team managed to redesign nearly every visual element in the magazine. “The masthead was redesigned to give it more scale and energy, but it needed to keep the flavor of the previous masthead,” explains Brent Rector with FUEL. “After this was designed, we took the tagline, ‘The business of life,’ and made sure the magazine layout reflected the energy of this statement with a clean, easy-to-read layout. The old Prosper represents business fairly well, but when it came to representing life, it was lacking.”

“We wanted to use more photography and less illustration, with a bolder emphasis on environmental portraiture,” adds Butts. “Each section of the magazine needed to have its own feel, but there needed to be an overall connection throughout the entire magazine.”

During the three-month redesign, Butts says her most significant challenge was defining the parameters with the folks at FUEL. “We spent a long time developing a grid and style system that would allow the magazine to have many contributors, retain its look and evolve as Prosper evolves,” says Steve Worth with FUEL

Prosper’s redesign debuted in June. Since then, the staff has received nearly all positive response about its new look from its readers. “We took a standard fixture publication of Sacramento and gave it a solid climb, making it fun to read and giving it a new image. And all the sweat and blood and hard work was totally worth it,” Butts says of the redesign, and of winning Folio:’s gold Ozzie Award.

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