By Barbara Love

At RMI, Laura Smith, VP, director of list management, is seeing mainstream mailers being able to make secondary market lists work with the use of enhancements. “The interesting thing is that many of these mailers have no apparent demographic slant,” she says. “One wouldn’t think that age comes into play for newsweeklies and general interest magazines, but we’re seeing extensive use of age data.”

Another trend that Smith sees is a shift in source definitions. “Direct to Publisher” and “Direct Mail Sold” used to be fairly straight-forward terms, Smith points out. “The specific sources that have been included in those segments have been becoming more expansive,” she says.

“Even in the same list, criteria changes over time,” Smith says. “It’s important that list brokers and managers understand exactly which sources are included in DTP and DMS segments so they can fine tune if necessary.”

List security is always a top concern, she adds. “RMI has been fortunate in that none of our clients has fallen victim to unscrupulous agents, but at the same time, we’ve had to make a substantial investment both in staff hours and systems to safeguard clients.”