On The Magazine-Cable Network Partnership

Linda Zebian By
01/11/2007 -03:00 AM

Being the reality-TV junkie I am, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of cable TV programs that have partnerships with consumer magazines. Networks like Bravo, which teams up with Cooking Light and Conde Nast’s ELLE for hit reality shows “Top Chef” and “Project Runway,” generate unprecedented PR for the magazines that are featured on the programs.

“The Hills,” an MTV reality spin-off of the hugely popular “Laguna Beach,” follows the life of main “character” Lauren Conrad as she interns at Teen Vogue in Los Angeles. And the network’s latest reality installment, which debuted last Sunday, “I’m From Rolling Stone,” has Yann Wenner’s face on overdrive across numerous ads and promotions.

Using successful (though sometimes cheesy) reality TV as a branding outlet to reach consumers is genius. These cable networks allow the marketers at these publications to reach their demographic from an entirely different angle and there is no better way to build buzz and credibility around a brand. Bravo!

Linda Zebian By --

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