Thank you so much for your recent survey on association publishing [December, page 26]. I have been reading your magazine for years, having worked for national consumer titles, b-to-b titles, and now an association title. I have found association publishing to be, by far, the most rewarding yet. I think more publishing professionals should look to this type of work if they have not already.

What you say is true. Many associations have seen the demand for multimedia content and they are rising to meet the challenges previously undertaken by fellow consumer and b-to-b publishers. We are changing our internal structures and content offerings with the help of astute and progressive boards. We are developing web content, e-newsletters, and other multimedia items that will provide relevant and timely information to our readers and provide an engaged audience to our advertisers. It’s a great time to be an association publishing professional!

Brian O’Rourke, Director of Media Sales, The Journal of Coin Laundry

We enjoyed your b-to-b Webinar. Your description carried the event’s themes quite well. We sometimes wonder, up here in Anchorage, among the “frozen chosen,” if what usually works in the Lower 48 market can be equally applied when our entire state’s population is less than your city’s population.

Connecting to the larger market trends through voices like yours brings us back to our like-minded publications across the U.S.

Vern McCorckle, Publisher, Alaska Business Monthly

If you were to outsource to India [“Can Design and Production Be Outsourced to India?”, November, page 66] you lose the creative interactions between the editor and art director, you wouldn’t be able to perform last-minute changes, you lose immediate and effective communication, you lessen the quality of work, and you lose the passion that is poured into creating an effective and quality publication.

Working with a printer in a different time zone can prove to be difficult sometimes. Imagine working with a person who lives on a completely different continent.

The argument for improving turn-around time by outsourcing to India is crazy. Unless the production people in India can work 24-hours a day every day, can you make that argument? What happens if you need to make a last-minute change? I guess you’d have to go home and sleep on it.

As Bert Langford puts it, “If someone thinks so little of the design of his publication to outsource the production, and can save enough, so be itナ Leave the design skills with the art director;in the office next to mine.”

Mike Regennitter, Art Director, CBA

I’d like to comment on your Folio: Alert about the December 13 ABM session [“ABM Panel to Publishers: Web Metrics Meaningless if You’re Not Using Them,” Folio: Alert, December 14]. I found it one of the most informative gatherings I’ve attended in the past year. The participants got right to the point. The Web metrics are actionable statistics, and are useful as a call to action, but only if managers do just that, promptly. Site owners that make use of the information to alter Web sites in response, stand the best chance of succeeding. If site owners don’t act quickly, the time, money and effort is wasted. All you will have is another pile of reports.

Henry C. Blaufox, Senior Account Executive, Oxclove Workshop

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