Manufacturing publisher, IndustryWeek has launched a new advertising program on its Web site that allows advertisers to complement the publication’s editorial content with “related knowledge.”

The new program, called Related Knowledge, allows an advertiser to place a link in the right-hand column of the Web site, which is visited by about 100,000 users a month, next to an article with corresponding editorial content. The link or links, depending on how many advertisers sign up, are placed under the heading, Related Knowledge, and link to an IndustryWeek-designed Web site made up of advertiser-chosen content.

IndustryWeek’s new program comes at a time when publishers are relaunching Web sites and designing new Web products in an effort to better monetize the Web. A survey conducted by Folio: and Readex last year showed that magazine publishers are still making the majority of their money from print even as print revenues remains flat, or in some cases, is falling.

Related Knowledge ad rates are $18,000 for a full year and $12,000 for six months, according to IndustryWeek’s 2007 ad kit. Related Knowledge participants also have the option of receiving reports on Web metrics such as impressions and click-throughs.

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