You know how some companies have challenges with uninspired editors and salespeople? They struggle with how to retrain people and how to motivate them and get them acclimated to changing times.

At Folio:, we don’t have that challenge. Our staff, both sales and edit, has embraced the online challenge, and consequently, it is one of the most robust parts of our business. When we bought Folio: and CM three years ago, there was no significant online activity, either on the sales side or in editorial.

Now we have two e-newsletters, a regular Webinar series, an industry-leading Web site that posts news daily and hosts a variety of microsites, a blog, an RSS feed, an online magazine-cover design context sponsored by NXTbook, a white paper library, a job board and more. And we’re just getting started. And, importantly, we’ve monetized all this significantly.

We have not added staff on the sales side or the edit side to accomplish this. Our team of print-magazine editors has added these duties to their work on the 12-times print magazine. And our sales team has gone from selling print display and directory space to a sophisticated and extremely time-consuming array of e-media products. (It’s ironic that at this point in the development of b-to-b e-media products, they sell for significantly less than print, even though the amount of time and attention required to make them work is far greater than for print.)

But back to the staff. The Folio: sales and edit teams deserve a ton of credit for what they’ve accomplished so far, and for that reason I’m taking a break from the usual external focus in this space to acknowledge their work.

It’s a good time to do that, for several reasons. First, our cover story on technology and magazines is a roundtable, led by managing editor Matt Kinsman and senior editor Bill Mickey. Both editors have through hard work put themselves in a position of not just moderating but leading a conversation with a group of industry experts. On the sales side, as of this month we’ve exceeded several key goals for the year. And then there has been a couple of significant changes. We’ve brought in a respected e-media executive, Dave Iannone, to steer our e-media growth.

So in the spirit of taking stock, we at Folio: are fortunate that we have the team we do. And we’re enthusiastic about the future.