You know you’re doing it right when the issue—in this case, the May 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review—that takes the Eddie for Best Full Issue is considered “typical” by one of your top editors. “We’re always looking for a spread of topics,” says deputy editor Karen Dillon. “I think this issue represented some of the things we do well. It was interesting, it was fun, and we knew the cover story—‘Surviving Your New CEO’—would get a lot of attention, especially in an age where there is such a glow about outside CEOs swooping in to save companies.”

Unique Research Is Key
“Surviving Your New CEO” wasn’t just a trend or opinion piece—it featured some unique research and data on what happens when there’s a management change. “Having statistics on surviving your CEO—and noting it could be a grim picture for executives within a company—was probably a first and we thought it would resonate with our readers,” says Dillon.

Harvard Business Review is known for featuring some of the best business and academic minds, but the challenge for the editorial staff is to make those ideas easily digestible for its readership. “There are some top-name business people and some thinkers who are outside the traditional business box,” says Dillon. “There’s always a challenge translating smart and often very theoretical thinking into accessible ideas our readers can use. One of our most important functions is being a catalyst for delivering those ideas in a way that’s accessible but still really smart.”

A second feature, “Inner Work Life,” which examined how employees think and feel on the job resonated with the audience, as well as the magazine’s popular “Forethought” section, which this issue examined viral marketing tools.

“We can interest anyone in the business world in any issue of Harvard Business Review because that’s how we put it together,” says Dillon. “There is a wide range of material to interest people individually, and these articles are far more accessible than people expect.”

Thinking Outside the Box in Editorial Management
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