Ed James
President ユ Cornerstone Public Relations

This PR executive holds a crucial role in the development of marketing programs and platforms for his clients.

As president of New York-based marketing firm Cornerstone’s public relations department, Ed James has become more than just a press contact. He is directly involved with the strategic branding development of both Cornerstone-owned Fader, and Relix, a magazine owned by his client, Zenboo Media.

In January 2007, Relix launched the first ever “Jammuary” event, a celebration of live “jam-band” music, in partnership with Concert.TV. It was James (who handles PR for both brands) who connected these two music-based media companies. “I came up with the idea of doing a monthly series with Relix, a brand that seemed to be a natural extension of Concert.TV,” says James. “It’s important to ensure a client is thinking about what partners and events make sense for them and how to get the editors out there for expert sourcing.” Jammuary was a huge branding success for both the magazine and the television network, bringing together more than 200 music industry influencers at the event.

Relix owner and publisher Steve Bernstein consulted James when he was considering the purchase of two magazines, Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge earlier this year.

Other Relix projects James has been involved in include the Relix Band, a bracelet fashioned from the used guitar strings of famous musicians, profits of which are sent to music-related charities. James secured coverage of the bracelets in major publications like People and on MTV. He is working on creating a retail version of the bracelet and also introducing the program to artists playing at festivals.

Since coming on board with Fader last year, James has played a key role in building buzz around the brand. Ratebase has grown from 87,500 to 90,000, ad revenues are up 20 percent and 17 new advertisers have signed on as clients.

“It’s about getting beyond the clutter and maintaining the core relationship but also helping your client appeal beyond that and interfacing in terms of coverage of the media,” says James. “It’s about enabling them to grow their readership.”

James introduced two of his clients, Relix and the Concert.TV network and created a partnership event bringing more than 200 music industry influencers together at a January event.

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