amcBOCA RATON, FLORIDAThe most effective way to ramp up traffic online is to have content placed on social networking Web sites, says Eileen Naughton, who runs Google’s regional sales efforts. Naughton spoke at a session here about the state of today’s media environment.

“You need to get your ads and content onto social networking sites. They make up half of all Web traffic searches,” Naughton explained. “It’s necessary now to build communities around your content. Further, you need to repackage content for distribution on microbytes and RSS feeds.”

With users making 200 million searches online each day—60 billion searches specifically on Google each month—Naughton stressed also the importance of making a magazine’s online content accessible to search engines. “Don’t hide your content behind paid walls. Make sure search engines have access,” she said. “Tag your brand terms and make them freely available.”

Naughton suggested creating branded video to help drive Web traffic. “Tag your videos and put them on YouTube,” she said. “It hads 56 million unique visitors in the United States. It streams hundreds of thousands of videos each day. It’s an effective community.”