Customers who become conditioned to fast-moving, customizable, immediate digital experiences, eschewing human interaction. Advertisers who want to reach them. Magazines struggling connect both. Sound familiar?

Except it’s a story that, for once, has little to do with the Web. This week, Newport Communications announced that Roadstar, a magazine that serves the trucking industry, is folding. Among the reasons: truckers—like the rest of Hyundai-driving America—are paying at the pump with credit cards, bypassing the truckstop sales clerks and thereby the kiosks where Roadstar is freely distributed.

Instead, Marty McClellan, Newport VP and Roadstar’s publisher, says the company is putting its resources behind something called “Pump Topper,” a “fuel island advertising program" that carries messages to truckers “as they are fueling,” as well as its other trucking title, Heavy Duty Trucking. And, of course, the company is developing a trucking search engine for the Web.

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