Competitive Analysis System
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Company Overview
CAS, created by experienced executives with over a century in publishing, provides publishers with timely, accurate data packaged in a fast, affordable, user-friendly system. CAS’s parent, G&G Publishing Services LLC., has a 10-year history with BPA Worldwide, producing the Publisher’s Circulation Statements, so the accurate management of large quantities of complex data is nothing new to G&G and CAS.

Product & Service Benefits
The interface is simple and user-friendly. Since the data is accessible on CAS’s secure server on the Web 24/7, all that is required is an internet connection. Unique to CAS is the reporting, which is "on the fly", that is, reports come up instantly, online. Actual reports are reviewed, and "what if" scenarios constructed. There’s no limit to the number of users or logons within an organization. All reports are designed with a "drill-down" capability. Simply "click" on the data to access more detailed levels of information. All reports can be exported immediately, to Excel, PDF, text or e-mail, allowing users to work with the data, add proprietary information if desired, and create additional customized reports.

CAS clients can also input budget and forecasting information for each member of their sales team. Each user’s budget is secure and accessible only by the client. The publisher can measure performance against prior years and their budget information.

An Essential Tool For Management
CAS reports are custom-crafted to help manage publications and staff ; with greater clarity and accountability.

An Essential Tool For Salespeople
CAS presents comprehensive info to maximize market intelligence & increase sales productivity.

Magazine Vertical Search
This new reader response system proves that print advertising drives readers to advertisers’ Web sites, measures the activity and provides comprehensive, independent reporting of the results.

  • The Mission – To bring buyers and sellers together instantly and report the results.
  • The Goal – To prove print drives more readers to advertisers’ Web sites than any other medium.
  • The Reason – The print to Web connection has replaced the bingo card as the reader response activity.
  • The Advantage – Independent tracking and reporting of results with zero investment in programming and people.
  • The Results – The print to Web connection efficiently meets the demand of Advertisers providing proof that their print advertising brings results.

Magazines must return to selling reach, readership and results. The print-to-Web connection gives the reader, the advertiser, and the ad salesperson what they want and need.

Measuring Print-To-Web Connections

  • Gives the reader instant contact
  • Answers the ROI question for the advertiser
  • Measures response and readership for the magazine
  • Gives the advertiser third party reporting
  • Opens new opportunities for revenue
  • Gives the ad salesperson the tool to sell more print ads.

Key Contacts
Wayne Gregus, CEO
Chris Cooper, VP Sales Tel: 703-476-6369
Paul Beatty, Sr. Publishing Consultant