As you can tell from our cover, we’ve dedicated a big part of this
issue to a celebration of print-magazine success. I stress:
Print-magazine success. In an age when so many people are pessimistic
about print’s future, when so many people think all the excitement and
innovation is occurring online, it’s important to take a breath and
seek some context: The vitality, the creativity and absolute
state-of-the-art excellence of many print products—large and small—is
amazing. And the passion people have for their magazines is stunning.

Folio: Awards are by far the largest awards contest in the magazine
industry. This year they attracted more than 3,000 entrants, from the
very largest companies, like Condé Nast and Time Inc., to the one- and
two-person entrepreneurial shops. They’re also the only fully inclusive
awards. Some contests only allow b-to-b entrants. Others are only for
the Time Inc.s and Hearsts of the world. Some are highly specialized,
for association magazines, for example, or for regional magazines.

Folio: Awards—the Eddies for editorial excellence and the Ozzies for
design—encompass everyone: Mass-consumer, enthusiast, association
magazines, city and regionals, b-to-b, and more. And in an industry
with the National Magazine Awards and the Neal Awards, the Folio:
Awards are highly competitive and highly prestigious.

Taken as
a body of work, the list of winners is spectacular. Turn to page 30.
Check out the variety among the winners. Look for work you’d like to
emulate. Read the 12 profiles of the winners that our staff compiled.
They also represent a range of magazine types, and their stories, in a
real sense, are your stories.

Congratulations to all.