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Brandscape Vs. Workscape

Bill Mickey By
11/17/2007 -03:00 AM

Gordon Hughes and company at ABM fashioned their Top Management Meeting held this week out in Chicago around a concept Hughes coined as “Brandscape”: Leveraging a publisher’s brand (i.e., the magazine) across an ever expanding product platform.

Hughes noted that member companies are reporting relatively flat growth for their print brands in 2007, around 2 percent to 4 percent, while other products are growing at a much faster clip: digital at a 14 percent average, custom at 18 percent and events at about 6 percent. Events are expected to pull even next year with print, achieving revenue parity. So it goes without saying that there should be some consideration of how publishers are both leveraging their brand identity and consistently representing it across the platform.

But another theme emerged from the TMM program that also has to do with the repercussions of rapid diversification. And that’s how companies are handling day-to-day changes in their workforce to accommodate it – whether through hiring, retention, training or compensation. It’s an important topic, and one that will likely see much more coverage.

-Observations From ABM Top Management

Bill Mickey By -- Bill Mickey is editor of Folio:. Follow him on Twitter: @billmickey

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