billboardThe latest circulation numbers for b-to-b publications are out, and a handful of the biggest trade magazines, including Billboard, increased their circulation during the first half of 2007. The majority, though, were flat – a 0.22 percent increase overall – when compared to the first half of 2006, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

VNU’s Billboard increased its average paid circulation by 11 percent to 22,302. AdAge – at 58,983 average paid and non-paid copies — was up 4.7 percent through June. I.D. – the design magazine – was up 21 percent to 29,168 average paid copies. HOW – another design magazine, was up 9.6 percent to 40,057. (Print, Step Inside Design and Creativity – the other magazines in the graphic design category, – were either flat or slightly down in average circulation, according to ABC figures.)

Oil & Gas Journal, at 99,723, added nearly 20,000 to its circulation, a 24.8 percent increase. Something called Traffic World increased its circulation by 1,400 to 7,064 – a 35 percent jump.

Forestry Source’s circulation was cut by 16 percent (2,000-plus copies) to 11,373.

In the TV trade category, Television Week, like the ratings of the sitcoms it covers, dipped 16.7 percent to 30,205 – a loss of almost 6,000 to its weekly circulation. Broadcasting & Cable, at 23,006, was essentially flat.