Much has been said about integrating print and Web ad programs, but insight into the kinds of specific projects is often hard to come by. Bob Maund, vice president of sales, West, at BusinessWeek, illustrated three different programs at the recent ABM Spring Meeting that his team has built. Advertisers are increasingly demanding "integration around the needs of users at the different touchpoints," said Maund, who noted that BusinessWeek is currently running about 12 integrated programs, up from four in 2005, that contribute about $20 million.

Maund broke his integrated projects into three categories, which are modeled after the various ways marketers want to communicate their message to readers.

Accenture built a campaign around the BusinessWeek 50 franchise;an annual issue on top-performing companies. Accenture gets high impact ads in the issue, exclusive advertising around versions of the feature in subsequent issues, owns all ad impressions of the online execution of the BW50 online component, and exclusive sponsorship of the face-to-face BW50 CEO forum.

Content Alignment
A popular column by Jack and Suzy Welch called, The Welch Way, has been a hot ad vehicle. Three advertisers signed up for print adjacencies. These advertisers also own all the ad impressions online, and sponsorship of any Podcasts that Welch does. They’ve also committed to 20 weeks of advertising on television segments based on the column.

"Never Been Done Before"
This category veers a bit more into the custom realm, where the advertiser stretches out creatively. Sun Microsystems, for example, buys a spread in the cover story in each issue. The ad’s creative directs readers to to engage in interactive areas where they’ll see copious Sun advertising. Essentially, Sun is spending its print ad dollars to send the readers online.

In each instance, said Maund, the integrated programs have required editors and publishers to step up to the plate. "Clients and agencies are not organized. We’ve had to create a culture of collaboration. This has become a team sport," he said.