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On The Value Of Events

Linda Zebian By
12/13/2006 -03:00 AM

This month, FOLIO: launched a new print newsletter called Magazine Event Strategies. Currently, about half (53 %) of FOLIO: subscribers work for organizations that produced at least one event in the last 12 months. The category is the second most-anticipated area of growth behind e-media, according a FOLIO: and Readex Research survey. MES offers tips on cost cutting, effective launch event tactics and behind the scenes looks into some of the most successful (and not so successful) conferences, tradeshows, parties and virtual events programs out there.

Kerry Smith, the president and CEO of Red 7 Media, has been working on the idea for this newsletter for a while now—inspired by his experience publishing Event Marketer and FOLIO: magazines—and he chose me to manage the details and assist him in getting it off the ground.

After working on the 16-page, ad-free newsletter, I too have a better understanding of the impact of live events. Kerry is passionate about the topic for a reason: Readers want more than just a page to read and a Web site to search. Face-to-face contact is what they yearn for and, beyond the pages of FOLIO:, there are no fully dedicated resources available to magazine event marketers looking for strategies on how to run their events better. Beyond that, magazine events can be huge revenue streams for publishers if they are executed correctly and tactfully.

Linda Zebian By --

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