Often, magazine publishers boast that their online banner inventory is sold out while including the disclaimer, "It’s a good problem to have!" But behind that bravado lies the realization that one of their fastest growing revenue streams is capped.

To keep growing, publishers have to offer more substantial programs while still using the same space on the Web site. Prism Business Media’s Telephony recently ran a program that offered live video through a banner link, boosting clickthrough, viewing time and revenue without creating a drag on the rest of its Web site.

Using AccelaCast inBanner from Accela Communications, Telephony developed a program for sponsor ADC, which creates idtv products.

When viewers clicked on the banner, they were taken to a 20 minute video loop featuring two Telephony editors interviewing an industry expert about idtv technology. To access the content, viewers had to register, providing a lead generation component for ADC as well.

The campaign boasted a 3.5 percent clickthrough on the banner, a 31 percent conversion rate for viewer registration, an average 14 minutes of viewing time and generated more than 300 leads over eight days. While Telephony publisher Mark Hickey refused to disclose what the magazine charged ADC for the program, he acknowledged it was far higher than the site’s standard $70 CPM rate.

The video kept viewers engaged far longer than the typical banner program, and viewers were able to see the video without having to leave the Telephony site. "We had existing video material and having live action video adds richness to the home page," says Hickey. "This gives us an additional chance at revenues but also gives sponsors strong value for their dollars."