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Tech Company Brings Suit Against CMP Unit's Message Board Users


By Dylan Stableford

Juniper Networks
, a Sunnyvale, California-based telecom technology and security company, is suing 10 message board users of CMP's newly-acquired Light Reading
, an integrated business media and online publisher serving the telecom industry.

The suit
, filed in Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County last month, claims that up to 10 of Light Reading's message board users;"Does 1-10" including "infranet_rulz" and "exJuniper981" according to court filings;posted libelous statements defaming Juniper, and that the statements "could lead to a material decline" in the company's profits. Juniper is seeking undisclosed compensatory damages.

According to court documents
, Juniper alleges that the users;whose true identities, the suit states, are uncertain and therefore are being pursued under fictitious names;posted false statements intending to "injure" the company.

On April 20, 2005, the suit alleges that in a post regarding the article Juniper's first quarter performance, "Doe 1" wrote "the man at the helm [of Juniper] seems to be paying (off) attorneys all over the bay area to cover up the scandal which resulted in the terminations of many at the top including ďľ… 1) Board of Director 2) CFO 3) GM 4) VP of engineering 5) VP of HR and more." On July 22, 2005, the suit alleges, "Doe 1" wrote in a post that Juniper's law firm uses "spyware on employees' and ex-employees' home computers to log activity." On September 2, "Doe 2" wrote in a post regarding an article about a departing Juniper executive that the company had "tapped the phones and sent PIs to follow and intimidate him."

Light Reading, the self-proclaimed "largest telecom publication in the world," boasts a global audience of 400,000 users of its Web site, e-newsletters and related products. In its complaint, Juniper describes Light Reading as a "popular source of information to individuals who are employed in the computer networking and security industry in which Juniper operates."

On December 21, Light Reading published
a story about the suit that, not surprisingly, has drawn 80 posts
on its message board.

See Related Court Documents: Juniper Networks, Inc. v. DOES 1-10


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