At the recent American Business Media Top Management meeting, Government Computer News editorial director Wyatt Kash gave his “wish list” on what new positions he’d like to see to help accelerate revenue growth online. As we push further into the so-called “Web 2.0,” it’s becoming apparent that not only are the duties of traditional jobs such as editorial and sale changing, but there’s a growing need for entirely new types of positions to manage online products.

We’ve listed Kash’s wish list below, along with some follow-up comments on how he sees those positions fitting in.

What new types of online jobs would help you?

Wyatt Kash’s Wish List:
Online Graphic Designer: “We publish pictures and charts in print but a variety of graphic material can’t be posted online.”

Multimedia Asset Manager: “You don’t see that position much now but we do see it coming. We’re getting more digital files—video, audio, PDFs—that don’t currently have an easy place to live. Our content management system is pretty much limited to text stories. We all waste a lot of hours trying to find things we know we have but aren’t easily found in the database.”

Metrics Analyst: “As publishers we have all these measurement tools but we don’t have an individual—almost like a good financial manager—keeping track of numbers and presenting them back to the staff so we can make better business decisions. We’re ignoring the full extent of people in our store. We need this for editors, not just the ad sales side. My sense is we’re leaving new products on the table because we aren’t seeing how it can be used.”

Community Editor: “A year from now, we’ll need more expertise on what to do with Web 2.0, such as forums and collaborations. It’s interesting what the Web is doing to get readers to contribute. We need someone with an editorial and marketing head to manage that because with volume we have to crank out, no one editor can do it. It’s an interesting hybrid and we don’t want to see our loyalty further fragmented by all these collaboration groups in the market.”