There are simple core strategies magazine marketers can use to exploit their greatest assets without spending a bundle. Marketing experts convened at the Folio: Show in October to offer tips and tools for attendees on how to do everything you’re already doing, but better. Here are five easy take-aways from marketing consultant Lou Ann Sabatier.

1. Conduct reader surveys at least every three years. If you can’t afford to hire an outside research company, use your own lists to create an online survey. Try to avoid in-book surveys;they cost a lot and probably won’t generate the number of responses you’re looking for.
2. Create a tagline if you don’t have one. Your editors will be able to help you create a tagline for your title. It’s a free addition that will help you establish your brand better.
3. Create a positioning statement if you don’t have one. Different from a mission statement, your positioning statement should be limited to one sentence that explains exactly who you are. If you can’t explain your brand in one sentence, maybe it’s time to restructure.
4. Fifty percent of your marketing efforts should fail. If that’s not the case you’re not being creative enough or taking enough risks.
5. Readjust your marketing budget. Go back and reassess when your marketing budget was established and why. What does it make allowances for? Budgets should reflect the advancements in technology and branding opportunities available.