Carl Landau, president of Niche Media, urges creativity when adopting and maintaining advertising relationships. His approach: Don’t take it so seriously, it’s just money.

1. Send promotional materials that make a statement—something bulky, noisy, edible or wearable. This creates a pre-existing conversation when you call to follow up on the package.

2. Send promotional materials via mail and e-mail on Monday or Tuesday so potential advertisers receive it on Wednesday or Thursday. Don’t send materials on Friday to avoid the arrival on Monday—when tons of junk mail/e-mail arrives.

3. Guarantee rate protection for advertisers. Guarantee
last year’s rates if they sign up for 12 issues.

4. Instead of sending a media kit, send a four-page tell-all that covers circulation, reader feedback and educational highlights.

5. Play with e-mail. Use video to sell adds. Use broadcast videos. Remember the “P.S.” is the most read part of any e-mail.

6. Send media kits to three separate people at a company. Try to target those who don’t normally receive media kits and always send one to the president.

7. Send a monthly letter to your advertisers that has nothing to do with sales. Include information on industry news, contests or fun pictures to help build a personal relationship beyond just the buy and sell.

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