Monthly newsletter, annual conference, and awards program will help publishers profit from live events.

Red 7 Media is launching Magazine Event Strategies, a paid-newsletter providing information to marketers, publishers and top management at consumer, business, association, and special-interest publishing companies that use live events as revenue-generating initiatives. Red 7 Media is the parent company of Folio: and Folio: Alert.

Magazine Event Strategies will help publishers understand how to design event programs that generate profits. It will include regular content on strategic issues, best-practices, budget planning, sales and marketing strategies, and operations and logistics. "Profiting from events requires an understanding of the particular strategies and unique tactics that separate successful events from embarrassing failures," says Red 7 Media CEO Kerry Smith, who is also executive editor of Magazine Event Strategies.

The newsletter’s importance is evidenced in a recent Folio:/Readex survey of publishing executives, which showed that events rank second to the Web as the prime areas of future revenue growth for magazine publishers. "For as magical as an event can be in enhancing your stature and providing great results for your advertisers and sponsors, failure is quick and very public when you don’t know what you’re doing," Smith says. "And that’s the reason for this newsletter: Events are not for amateurs."

The newsletter debuts next month and will be sent to subscribers of Folio: Magazine with their December issue as a sample. The premiere issue features coverage of:

ᄋ Wired Magazine’s NextFest event, including a two-page floor-plan of its unique exhibition layout.

ᄋ Analysis of food and beverage estimating.

ᄋ A round-up of the permitting process for six major metro-areas.

ᄋ A recap of a CMP banking publication’s first foray into an intimate buyer-seller event.

ᄋ A best-practices guide to online "virtual" events.

ᄋ And, an ROI estimator that publishers can use to quantify event performance for their advertisers, among other informative articles.

Following the first issue, Magazine Event Strategies will be sent via mail to subscribers on a monthly basis beginning with the February issue. Charter subscription price is $289 per year for 12 issues. Magazine Event Strategies also will serve as the hub for Folio:’s existing initiatives in the event area including the magazine’s annual FAME (Folio: Awards for Magazine Events) program, and the annual Event Marketing for Magazines conference, to be held March 13, 2007 at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York City. For details on these programs and to subscribe to Magazine Event Strategies click here.

Norwalk, Connecticut-based Red 7 Media also is the parent company for Event Marketer Magazine, the first publication for corporate marketing executives who use live events in their marketing mix. "Through this powerful combo we will bring subscribers of Magazine Event Strategies a unique perspective on the issues, strategies, and operational challenges – and revenue-generating opportunities — of incorporating live events into your growth initiatives," Smith adds.