Radar's Resilience

Linda Zebian By
10/18/2006 -02:00 AM

Radar magazine has announced it will re-launch in February. We are all aware this is the publication’s third attempt to launch and the scrutiny and skepticism has already begun to stir around the industry.

Regardless of its boomeranging trajectory, launching and folding in the same year, there has got to be a reason this magazine keeps coming back.

Perhaps we should applaud the magazine’s buoyancy, or perhaps they should just give it up. I fear the magazine will struggle as it returns to a market that is over-tapped, especially considering competition from other Web sites and gossip blogs, where everyone and their uncle is writing and commenting on what is happening in pop culture. On top of that, the brand has to reestablish itself and offer something new because obviously whatever they were doing before wasn’t quite working.

I wonder, does it deserve to come back? How many times is too many? And, most importantly, has it lost its credibility?

Linda Zebian By --

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