Quark Users

Brian Noyes
Likes: "Quark, in a word, is fun. It’s simple and intuitive and makes the job of publication design interesting and enjoyable. I grew up in the Xacto knife/hot wax/stitches-in-the-emergency-room production world and find this much less painful."

Gripes: "We’ve recently upgraded to 6.5 (after using Quark 4 for years); I find myself sometimes yearning for the earlier version because it was a little more bare bones;the new version has more bells and whistles and I wonder who really uses all that. The grouping of new documents under an existing project umbrella is a little cumbersome."

Don Lambson
Creating Keepsakes

Likes: "It allows shared specifications for various layouts in the same project as well as automatically updating text boxes in various projects. I also like their customer service. Quark is as familiar as an old friend."

Gripes: "It’s not as compatible as InDesign with Illustrator and Photoshop, etc. I dislike unrecoverable crashes and apparently Quark is no longer the layout program of choice for many ad agencies and freelance designers."

InDesign Users

Iris A. Stein
Scuba Diving

Likes: "Importing Illustrator files into documents and then having the ability to alter them without having to go back into Illustrator and the ability to adjust the transparency of objects and type. Adding feathered drop shadows to type and/or boxes is quick and easy."

Gripes: "There are too many palettes. It would be nice to combine several different palettes into one window without having to click on a tab to view each one.

Also, newly created master pages automatically get placed last. You can only drag and drop them to their appropriate place on the list, and you can only drag and drop to the top of the master list that appears in the window. It would be much easier if the window would automatically scroll, while you were dragging."

Sharen Conway

Likes: "I love how InDesign’s interface is similar to Illustrator and the improved compatibility we now have between all the Adobe design products. Importing psd files directly into InDesign is a real plus. Being able to sample color right in your file is great. I find InDesign to be more accurate. You can also do more with type in InDesign, such as shadows, shaping, etc."

Gripes: "Sometimes there is one more step than seems necessary. For example, to edit the original photo in InDesign you need to go to the links palette, highlight the photo and select edit original. In Quark you double click on the image and press return and you’re there."