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On The Pr/Edit Relationship

Linda Zebian By
09/22/2006 -02:00 AM

Tension between writers and PR pros has always existed. PR people love us until we push them for information or make a mistake, and editors ignore PR people until we need them to do something for us. Some words of advice from someone who has experience on both sides of the fence:

PR People: Have patience with your editorial comrades. Most of us are under a lot of pressure and sometimes we simply don't have the time to respond to your e-mail. We understand that you are just doing your jobs­­­—but know that we are looking for what's fresh and buzz-worthy. We don't want to cover something that's been published by everyone else. Although it may not always seem like it, most of us do appreciate all that you do for us. Without you, a lot more of our time would be wasted scrambling to find information. I'd like to thank the many publishing PR people who help me on a daily basis, including all those at The Rosen Group, Four-Corners and so many in-house communication managers.

Editors: Be nice to PR people, and be honest with them. If you're not interested in what they are trying to sell you, take a minute to explain to them what you are looking for, instead of ignoring them or hanging up the phone (you know who you are). Plus, you never know when you're going to need a PR person to turn something around for you when you've got 20 minutes until deadline, and a strong relationship will help get the job done.

Linda Zebian By --

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