A Not So Shocking Week

12/22/2006 -03:00 AM

Another week has passed and another magazine has closed, more people in publishing lost their jobs, and Time magazine was criticized for an idea it was all too proud of.

Shock shuts

Hachette-Filipacchi’s attempt to bring a gory photojournalistic magazine to the newsstands failed. Not a big surprise. The graphic-heavy, text-light publication is much more appealing to “screenagers” and very early 20-somethings than to the “older” print-reading set, which is why Hachette will keep the effort going online via its ShockU Web site and scrap the print publication. The effort serves as another reminder that young people want their news and entertainment for free …

Merry Christmas from Time Inc. and VNU

Time Inc. rounded up 27 workers from its consumer marketing division this week like a herd of cattle and told them they were no longer needed. This is second December in row Time Inc. has said happy holidays with a layoff (last year it laid off 105 workers in mid-December), as the struggling company repositions itself for the digital age …

Meanwhile, VNU said this week it will cut 4,000 jobs over the next few months as its new management team positions the company for growth.

While no one would argue that both Time Inc. and VNU need to cut costs and refocus their missions, Ann and Dave could have at least waited for the New Year to lower the boom on their employees …

Disapproval strikes Time magazine's “You” cover

Time magazine caught a lot of flack this week from journalists and bloggers for its selection of “You” as the person of the year. Did Time take the easy way out in not selecting an actual person for the annual honor? Probably. But the idea is not totally misguided, if not also a little self-serving. After all, there wasn’t a journalist in the world this year that wasn’t a little unnerved by the uprising of so-called citizen journalism.

But just as Andy Warhol famously predicted that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, he also made the often misused quote to describe the fickle nature of the entertainment-starved public. Translation: Citizen journalism is hot for now, but whether it’s hot for good remains to be seen …

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