The International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance) says the IDEAlink Curve, a tool to simplify implementing the G7 proof-to-print process, is now available for pre-sale. IDEAlink Curve was developed by Don Hutcheson, Chair of the GRACoL Committee and CEO of Hutcheson Consulting, and implemented by Steve Upton of CHROMiX.
IDEAlink Curve is the first of a suite of IDEAlink tools designed to help users implement print standards in their everyday operations. IDEAlink Curve allows users to compare their proofing systems or presses to GRACoL 7 and SWOP neutral print density curves. IDEAlink is a trademark of IDEAlliance.
�IDEAlink Curve is a perfect example of a public-private partnership," said IDEAlliance CEO Dave Steinhardt in a statement. "Although the software was developed by private investors, distribution by a non-profit association is an ideal way to advance adoption of IDEAlliance recommendations throughout the industry. IDEAlink lets users see a real-time comparison of their measured curves to GRACoL� or SWOP�/TR001 for 3-tone gray curve, black curve and for gray balance. IDEAlink makes it easier for anyone to print to standards everyday.�
IDEAlink Curve is now available for pre-order on the Web. The software is currently in beta testing. Delivery is anticipated for July 1, 2006. Special introductory pricing is in effect.

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