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Linda Zebian By
11/20/2006 -03:00 AM

Ever since my last blog post, I've been trying to find out who asked Justin Greeves the tricky question at the SNAP conference. I discovered that it was Peter Banks, founder of Banks Publishing and former publisher of the American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast. Here's what Banks had to say about his question:

"I asked the question because I thought Greeves' talk had the unfortunate effect of lumping together association membership magazines with giveaway custom publications from companies. The distinction is important in how we think about accountability and return on investment in association publications. If we think of them as custom publications meant to enhance member loyalty—and many associations do seem to see their publications in this way—then the publication is seen as a cost center and there’s little attention paid to leveraging its impact. The only discussion tends to be about cutting costs. If, on the other hand, we see the magazine as a subscription-based product, then we often treat the publication as a potential profit center and begin to manage finances and operations to maximize return to the association. Greeves tended to reinforce the notion that association publications are member giveaways. They are not. They can be the most important strategic assets associations have, and they need to managed as such. They should be managed as profit centers, not dismissed as cost centers. "

Linda Zebian By --

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