Engagement. This term is in the forefront of discussions in the marketing and advertising communities. In today’s challenging print advertising climate, you are probably looking for ways to address this new "hot-button" issue. Over the past few years, internet advertising has increased the pressure on magazine publishers to provide more ROI metrics to compete with internet ad campaigns. This new emphasis on engagement is the next step in the evolution of accountability. Not only do you need to provide a large, high-quality audience, but you now also need to deliver readers that are highly engaged with your content.

Good news – if you are currently using digital editions, you can use engagement as a sales tool! Texterity’s recent BPA Worldwide-certified survey reveals that digital readers are highly engaged with ad content. Over 91% of readers took action after seeing an ad in a digital edition and 24% bought something as a result. This is only a snapshot of the results. The survey contains a wealth of information your sales team can use to sell engagement. There is other valuable data as well, from satisfaction rates (85% satisfied or very satisfied), to the fact that digital editions frequently help increase the use of a publication’s other digital media as well. We recommend sharing copies of this survey with your sales team so they can use it as a tool to answer advertiser inquiries. If your sales team is prepared with this data, these solid ROI and engagement numbers can generate new advertising sales for your publications.

Even when you deliver highly engaged readers, engagement requires work for the advertiser as well. Ask your advertisers to consider creating custom landing pages for their ads specifically addressing your readers with an exclusive offer or promotion. Another way to increase prospect engagement is for advertisers to offer digital overlay ads. They can use overlay ads to augment their presence, and add multimedia to generate even higher retention rates.

The bottom line. if your salespeople are prepared to answer engagement question with hard facts, you and you advertiser will benefit from this discussion. Our recent survey provides the data you need to address this "hot-button" issue and ensure advertisers that your digital edition is already offering the most highly engaged readers. (For a copy of the survey results, go to http://www.texterity.com/survey/.)

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