Sometimes making a last minute fix on PDF file that had already gone to the printer would take Hearst Corp.’s Ken Pecca upwards of four or five hours to correct. But the company has undergone a number of production and manufacturing changes over the past year, saving it upwards of $1 million in time and duplicated services.

As part of its upgrade, company has been using OneVision Speedflow Edit, which enables full PDF editing of text, images, and vector graphics from a user’s desktop computer, for about eight months, said Pecca, Hearst’s manager of pre-press production.

Pecca said Hearst was in the market for a good production tool that would make it easier to make quick fixes on PDF files on mistakes caught by the printer. “Initially, we didn’t have the need for a PDF correction tool because we were only doing two or three magazines,” he said. “But as we brought more on board and started getting more and more calls at one in the morning for fixes, it became quite laborious so we called up OneVision and they set us up with a demo.”

Using Speedflow Edit, graphics, images and advertisements in PDF format containing text, vector and raster elements can be altered as needed without having to obtain and access the original document or use the original program.

“It saves us a lot of time,” said Pecca. “Typically, if I had to make a change within a PDF from my home, it would take up to three hours just to get the copy onto my desktop on my home computer. Then, when I’d go to make the changes, I’d have to select each letter in type, copy and paste and then go back and do a delete. That could end being a four or five hour correction.”

Speedflow Edit also makes it possible to quickly find and correct text, colors and fonts used throughout an ad or document, so that production managers can easily apply universal changes to an entire file. Pecca said it now takes just five minutes to fix corrections that used to take hours. “And it doesn’t cost us any down time,” he added.

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