by Tony Silber In a recent survey, we found that our readers are pinning their growth hopes in two primary areas: Number One, not surprisingly, is the Web; but Number Two was a bit of a surprise;it’s events (print came in third, by the way). We also found that more than half of our readers (53% to be exact) work for organizations that produced at least one event in the last 12 months, with the typical reader indicating his organization produced at least two events. It’s not surprising that more publishers are leaning in this direction for revenue growth. Print continues to be flat and marketers are increasingly looking for ways to make face-to-face connections with their customers and prospects. Magazines occupy a powerful and unique position;at the center of where content, credibility, and coveted audiences converge. More marketers are ready and willing to pay for access to the unique relationships that magazines have with their readers. Yet, only recently have magazine publishers begun to leverage their power positions as a way to generate incremental revenue. Until recently, an "event" was considered added value to an ad buy with no real revenue expectation. But today, advertisers are so hungry for events that many publishers are discovering that by leading with an event strategy, it’s the print component that is often thrown in as part of an overall integrated print/live program. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Folio:’s newest product;"Magazine Event Strategies" (MES), the first newsletter dedicated to helping consumer, business, special interest, association, and city/regional magazine publishers profit from live events. We included the debut issue with the December 2006 edition of Folio:. MES is published by Folio: in conjunction with our sister magazine, Event Marketer, the first publication for corporate marketing executives who use live events in their marketing mix. Through this powerful combo we will bring subscribers of MES a unique perspective on the issues, strategies, and operational challenges;and revenue-generating opportunities;of incorporating live events into your growth initiatives. Enjoy your sample issue.

Creating New Revenue with Content Marketing and Native Advertising
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