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Engaging With The Brand: A New Paradigm

Tony Silber By
10/06/2006 -02:00 AM

I was really happy yesterday when I wrote a story about Bob Sacks’ speech at the Western Fulfillment Management Associations Circ Day LA. I wrote it seated at the table before and during Sacks’ speech. I hope I didn’t offend my tablemates, but then Sacks told me Walter Winchell (the famous 20th century gossip columnist) would not have been worried about offending his tablemates. And then, thanks to the magic of wireless Internet access, I e-mailed it back to the office and out it went, less than an hour later, as part of yesterday’s Folio: Alert. Later that day, Brad Stauffer, a prominent Los Angeles-based publishing figure, e-mailed me saying how cool it was to see that story turned around so quickly.

Actually, four people yesterday told me that when they get our newsletter, they open it immediately: They never wait. Rich Murphy from BPA said the “Folio: Alert is like candy: "Tastes great!” He and others said they like that they always get fresh, insider-y news that gives them an edge in their businesses. Of course, that’s all music to my ears, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I think it is fascinating how people are engaging with the Folio: brand differently. The newsletter and increasingly, the Web site, is the front door. It’s where people go first. Then they read the magazine. There’s a shift going on from print to e-media, and we’re feeling it right here at Folio:. The challenge is to change as our readers’ information habits change. As Bob Sacks said yesterday, “Print is not as dominant as it was. Now it has rivals.”

Tony Silber By --

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