Custom Pubs: Where The Money Is

Linda Zebian By
12/20/2006 -03:00 AM

The Custom Publishing Council earlier this week announced that custom publishing spending increased by more than 18 percent in 2006. This year was the fifth consecutive year that this area of publishing experienced growth.

The study, which was done along with Publications Management, reported custom publishing spending now accounts for 24 percent of the total amount companies allocate for marketing, advertising and communications. Thirty-nine percent of the companies surveyed said they planned to increase their custom publishing spending in 2007, while 48 percent plan on maintaining spending.

There is no doubt that custom publishing has become a huge money maker in the publishing industry. Brands are looking to make personal connections with their customer through the power of printed materials, as well as e-publications. Custom publishing budgets allocated for e-publications has risen 35.5 percent since first measured in 2001, according to the study.

Why is it that the marketers at these companies look to custom publishing so much? Custom publishers are experts in design, sales, writing and production. It’s a no-brainer for these corporations to outsource to publishing industry experts, spending less than they would on an in-house staff while keeping all the hassles of publication production out of their hair. As long as new companies and organizations develop, and new products, services and programs are introduced, custom publishing will continue to grow.

Linda Zebian By --

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