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Building Brand ROI

By Bill Mickey

Needham, Massachusetts-based information technology publisher TechTarget
continues to launch programs designed to take advertisers beyond the limitations of the traditional online and print advertising campaigns.

BrandROI, an online branding and measurement program, includes a three-month campaign of targeted online display advertising and an online survey assessing effectiveness of the campaign by lifting key attributes of brand awareness and consideration. The program, which is managed by TechTarget's Client Consulting Services Department, tracks brand awareness and purchase intent among the target audience.

The program showed storage software vendor PolyServe that its TechTarget campaign yielded a 122 percent lift in Aided Brand Awareness, as well as a 55 percent lift in purchase intent and a 60 percent lift in favorability. The assessment was based on results of an online survey done by TechTarget and independent market research firm DynamicLogic. "We're a small company that doesn't do a lot of online or print advertising so we're very concerned about the ROI of efforts we do," says PolyServe product marketing manager Jeff Day. "TechTarget hit 80 percent to 90 percent of what we wanted. The only other thing we would ask is maybe a little more information on competitive positioning."

By Bill Mickey

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