American Business Media launched its Centennial year in New York today with a press conference, a proclamation from Mayor Bloomberg, a new logo and plenty of talk about b-to-b media’s transition through the lens of the association’s 100 years.

"There’s a remarkable amount of this organization’s history tied to the history of this nation," ABM president Gordon Hughes told a small group of press and staffers gathered in Scholastic’s New York headquarters.
Among the familiar talk of e-media, rich data
and vertical search swinging the pendulum for b-to-b publishers was expanding
international markets on the horizon.
"This century was the American Century," said Scholastic president Hugh Roome. "We are moving toward the China, or perhaps the China-India Century."
Year of the Editor
Hughes said one of ABM’s 2006 goals is to raise the visibility of the b-to-b editor at the association’s events. In doing so, Hughes said, ABM would help bridge the industry’s apparent ethical divide between b-to-b editors and their respective publishing companies. (SEE ALSO: Survey: B-to-B
Editors ‘Dissatisfied’ with Ethics at Their Own Magazines)
A year-end Centennial gala is slated for December 7 at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.