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SWOP Changes With the Times

The production specifications organization continues to refine the manufacturing process. ...More

FOLIO:'s 2005 Production Salary Survey

Production professionals and art directors are responsible for more than just magazine production and creative. So far, salaries haven't caught up. ...More

Juggling Paper and Postal Costs

As the price of paper continues to climb, publishers are scrambling to find ways to trim costs in the face of the upcoming postal hike. by christopher heun ...More

Overcoming Objections

Staying customer focused helps eliminate objections during the sales process. ...More

Brand Statements: Valuable Tool or The Latest Fad?

Some publishers swear by the utility of a brand statement, and the discipline required to create one and adhere to it. Others think they're a waste of time. ...More

Lost in Translation

In navigating the communications gap between edit/creative and art/production, language is often the primary source of confusion. For either side, interpreting each other's syntax ...More

M&A Activity Increases in Red-Hot Regional Space

City and regional titles are booming, but the sector's M&A activity, with small deals difficult for larger publishers to execute, is being overlooked. That may change. ...More

The Workflow Architect

Ellen Payne, Hearst's director of editorial operations, talks about efficient workflow management, eliminating magazine silos, and maximizing the payoff. ...More

AdsML and The State Of Online Insertion Orders

Time Inc. is on the leading edge of digital insertions, developing a back-office system in the hopes of streamlining insertions across all titles by 2008. ...More

Year-End Preoccupations

This is the time of year where hope and best intentions no longer count. For publishers and owners and revenue producers of all varieties, it's coming down to the wire, and you fin ...More

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