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Face Up: Snowboard

An inside critique of recent magazine covers. This month: Snowboard ...More

Make Commissions Attainable

How one publisher simplified his team's back-end comp structure and achieved breakthrough sales results. ...More

Dialing In The Right Frequency

A magazine's ultimate frequency goal is only as reachable as its market is healthy. ...More

Quark Fights Back in Design Software Battle

Adobe's InDesign, once dubbed the "Quark Killer," has eaten into Quark's market share. Can Quark keep its footing with its upcoming version 7 and a new customer focus? ...More

Marketing Consumer Magazine Events to Attendees and Sponsors

Too many publishers take the "build it and they will come" approach. To ensure the right turnout, you need to leverage your own subscriber base, as well as the reach of your partne ...More

SWOP Changes With the Times

The production specifications organization continues to refine the manufacturing process. ...More

FOLIO:'s 2005 Production Salary Survey

Production professionals and art directors are responsible for more than just magazine production and creative. So far, salaries haven't caught up. ...More

Juggling Paper and Postal Costs

As the price of paper continues to climb, publishers are scrambling to find ways to trim costs in the face of the upcoming postal hike. by christopher heun ...More

Overcoming Objections

Staying customer focused helps eliminate objections during the sales process. ...More

Brand Statements: Valuable Tool or The Latest Fad?

Some publishers swear by the utility of a brand statement, and the discipline required to create one and adhere to it. Others think they're a waste of time. ...More

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