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Large Company CEOs Anticipate Growth Through 2005 and Beyond

Jim Casella, CEO Reed Business Information Beginning in the second ...More

Beginner's Guide to Reprints and E-Prints

Want to know how to make money with reprints? Want to know why they're such a valuable marketing tool? Did you kno ...More

The New Perfect Fit: Identifying Non-Traditional Opportunities

In the traditional scheme of things, reprints were strictly a connect-the-dots endeavor: field a call for a reproduced article, print it up, perhaps add a corporate logo or special ...More

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Beginner's Guide to Reprints and E-Prints Want to know how to make money with reprints? ...More

In Dollars and Sense: The Economics of a Reprint Program

In creating and running a successful reprint program, efficiency and profitability are crucial to maintain. At the Harvard Business Review and American Lawyer Media, ...More

Twice Told Tales: Magazine Reprints Drive Revenue and Goodwill

Everyone acknowledges that a great story deserves to be repeated, and if the story is told in the pages of a magazine there is a more-than-likely chance it will be repeated via rep ...More

Editorial Excellence: The Engine That Drives Everything (including Reprints)

Let's be frank;who wants to order reprints from an obscure, off-kilter, or poorly-perceived magazine? Much of the power in selling reprints comes in having the source material base ...More

Opportunity Knockouts: How to Identify Reprint-Worthy Copy

What are the key ingredients for a successful reprint? It would seem the basic elements include knowing what sells, knowing who would buy it, and even knowing that sometimes the un ...More

Ten Knows Equal One Big Yes: How To Create A Winning Newsletter

1. KNOW WHAT IT IS. A newsletter is a vehicle designed to deliver news and pertinent information to an audience. ...More

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