By Dylan Stableford

Likeability surveys are often, for lack of a better term, “sketchy.” Likeability surveys focused on brands, including those overarching their magazines, can be even sketchier. Still, like most simplistic surveys, they can be fun to look at. And given the industry’s somewhat recent craze of referring to their respective magazines as brands encompassing not just the printed product, such surveys are theoretically useful.

Case in point: A recently-released “Brand Power Report,” by New York-based research firm Genius Insight
, surveyed 3,119 respondents, aged 13 to 49, and ranked over 1,000 in terms of likeability and awareness;and among them, many magazine brands floated to the surface.

Martha Stewart The Brand
, for instance, was the top-ranked magazine brand in terms of awareness (97th overall), ahead of TV Guide (112). King, the hip-hop and urban lifestyle magazine, ranked last (1,038). The Stewart brand, however, ranked near the bottom among magazine brands in terms of likeability, just above the National Enquirer and just below O: The Oprah Magazine. Time (469) led all magazine brands in likeability, with Men’s Health (503) and Maxim (522) rounding out the top three, with Time as the only magazine brand to crack the top 500 liked brands in America. (Interestingly at no. 955, Playboy
, the mega men’s brand, was considerably less-liked.)

Magazine Brandpower Rankings

Source: Genius InsightCHAR(13) + CHAR(10)

BrandOverallLikeabilityRankAwarenessRankTV Guide 268