By Kristina Joukhadar | Circulation Management

US Airways will launch US Airways magazine in January;replacing America West magazine and US Airways' Attache;via custom publishing company Pace Communications
. The change is a result of the recent merger of the two airlines.

With a print run of 375,000 copies per month, the magazine will be placed on all daily flights flown by American West, US Airways and their regional partners. The first issue is expected to be 200-plus pages.

According to Publishers Information Bureau
statistics, the average revenue growth for consumer magazines was less than 8 percent year over year in 2005. Most mass circulation titles either grew only slightly or fell. But inflight magazines as a category grew as much as 21 percent.

Pace, one of three major companies that produces inflight media, reported an increase of 17 percent for its magazine Sky and a 21 percent increase for Attache. American Way (AMR Corp.), posted an increase of 25 percent; and Spirit magazine (Southwest Airlines) increased revenue by 41 percent.

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