Typically, December can be a pretty hot merger and acquisition period as
businesses try to squeeze in deals before the end of the tax year. For that
same reason, January is typically quiet. But this year, seems not a creature
was stirring. "There just weren’t any significant deals that took place
during the period in terms of absolute valuations," says Richard Mead,
managing director with The Jordan, Edmiston Group. Mead says he expects the pace
will pick up a bit in the second quarter.

The Hearst Corporation’s Communications Data Services acquires INDAS Limited

By buying INDAS Limited, a privately owned Canadian subscription and product
fulfillment company, Communications Data Services (CDS), a fulfillment services
provider based in Des Moines, Iowa,
gains access to the files of more than 90 Canadian and U.S. magazines. The acquisition
also furthers CDS’s mission to become a full-fledged fulfillment service
provider in North America and the United Kingdom. – Sarah Gonser